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Earn Online on Top Paid survey Site

What is Paid Survey?

  • Paid surveys offers peaple to earn extra cash online just by doing surveys.You can earn up to 5$ per survey. The more survey sites you join the manier survey you can accomplish and of course the higher the money you will recieve

How to get qualified on survey?

  • Completing and keeping your profile surveys up-to-date will qualify you to participate in more market research surveys that are relevant to your lifestyle and interests

List of Legit and trusted survey site

Global Test market                                                              
How to earn: doing surveys and getting referrals
Minimum payout: 1000 points (50$)
Referral Program: For every friend you invite who joins GlobalTestMarket and completes an online survey, you'll earn 20 MarketPoints.

Spider Metrix                                                                        
How to earn: doing surveys and getting referrals, participating on contest
Minimum payout: 160 Points (20$)
Referral Program: You will get 1 spiderPoint for each and every Rating your Referred Spiders perform. Just make sure you tell them to enter your Spider Name when they register.

CASH CRATE                                                                        
How to earn: doing surveys, offers and task and getting referrals, participating on contest
Minimum Payout: 20$
Referral Program: 20% commision on direct referral, 10% commision on second level
The referral commission percentages also increase as you add more referrals:
Bronze - 0 Active Referrals - 20% First Level, 10% Second Level
Silver - 50 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 10% Second Level
Gold - 150 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 15% Second Level
Platinum - 300 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 15% Second Level
Elite - 500 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

Survey Head                                                                         
How to earn: doing surveys
Minimum Payout: 25$
Referral Program: None


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Profitclicking: A great way to Invest Online

What is Profit Clicking?
Profit clicking or formerly known as Just been paid is  a great HYIP site which offer members to gain profit while advertising their website or blog. With over 3 million members world wide, profit clicking is sure legit and most trusted HYIP site.. Join now and get a free 10$ to start your first ad package and start your journey to be a succesful investor online

How do members earn from porfit clicking?

      Each Ad packages costs 10$ that provides 1000 ad views and has a lifespan of 81 days. Ad packages gives 0.20$ commision (monday to friday) and 0.15$ (saturday and sunday) per package you buy. After 81 days it will mature and stop, giving you a total of 15$, including a 5$ profit . We 50/50 plan, Once we’ve reached our target daily earnings goal, we withdrawl 50% and redeposit 50% in order to continue growth and replace expiring ad packs.

Note: To received your daily commissions, you must view 3 sites daily or you can reserve views, every reserve views expired after 45 days

2. PC Channels
            Each Pc Channels costs 20$ or recieving it for free in every 4 ad packages that expire. You will get a 60$ rebate for every Pc channels that cycle

Note: You must upgrade to Level 1 in order to buy or get free Pc Channels, upgrade cost is 15$ which will haved to be renewed every 6 months

3. Referrals commision
            Getting direct referrals provides you to build your business in profit clicking
            First level referals
              $1.00 for every Advertising Packages they purchase.
              $5.00 for every PC Panel they cycle.

            Second level Refferals
            $0.50 for every Advertising Packages they purchase.
            $2.50 for every PC Panel they cycle.

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How to Earn Online On PTC Site

PTC site (paid to click sites)                                

What is a PTC?
A ptc site is a site which pays you to watch an advertisement, the advertiser pays money to lead traffic to his/her site, and you get payed from watching the advertisers site. Every advertisement ranges from 0.001$ up to 0.02$. Dont join PTC sites that offer 1$ per click, they are sure scams. Most of PTC sites has crowdflower task and paid offers which provides member to earn more cash online..Most of the members of PTC upgrade their account and rent referrals(if available)to earn more

How To Earn on Paid to click sites (PTC)
1. Viewing Ads
 Each advertiser buys an ad package which will be viewed by thousand or millions member of the ptc site, members will be paid 0.001-0.002$ per ad that they view.

2.Completing crowdflower task and paid offers
  Some PTc sites offers task and paid offers which provide each member to earn more
Crowd Flower task
   This are minitask task, which a member can complete multiple time, each task range from 0.01$ up to 0.20$, Ptc site also offers bonuses depending on the number of task or earnings per day. You must read carefully the instruction provided in a certain task, failure to meet the required accuracy may lead to be banned on that task

Paid Offers
  This is consist of sign up offer, downloads an application, buying a certain software, 

3.  Generating click through direct referrals and rented referrals
  The most important part to earn on PTC sites is referrals either by direct referrals or Rented referrals(if available on that site)... They gives a members huge amount of click per day depending on their numbers, each referrals gives you 0.001-0.01$ per click
Direct referrals
  This are real people which click on your link or banners.
How to Get DR
1.Inviting your friends
2. Share link on Social Networking site like Facebook or twitter
3. Making your own Website/Blog
4.Getting traffic to your site/Blog whether free or paid
5. Getting your Site/Blog rank on search engine or SEO
6. Sending links on emails

Rented Referrals
   Some says they are renting bots provided by the site. Rented referrals has a certain behavior on clicking. You just have to managed them well in order to gain profit on them neither recycle  the non profitable RR's.. Renewal of RR are  15 days up to 240 days their are corresponding discount based on the renewal days you use.

4. Winning Prizes,  getting Bonuses and participating on contest
PTC sites offer raffle games which members can have chance to win up to 5$, Some gives 50$ or even a free membership. They also gives bonuses and  based on you earning per day or the number of task you done.

5.Upgrading your account
Most members upgrade their account on PTC sites. Why because of the benefits it gives such giving you more ads/day, Increase earning on viewing ads, bonuses and many more. Sites offers 17$ per year while some ranges from 70 up to 860$ for upgrade

6. Investing
Mostly members invest on PTC sites invest to upgrade their account to double and few ptc sites also offers Rented referrals to increased the earnings of its members. While some members invest on other PTc site to build traffic on their site and gain more referrals

How to maximize your Profit on PTC site
1. Click ads everyday
2. Do offers and task when available
3.Upgrade account
4. Rent Referrals, managed them wisely and always renew to 240 days
5. Get direct Referrals and teach they how to earn
6. Visit forum and learn from other members

PTC sites offers an unlimited income online but your earnings depends on your activity, how often you click,  the number  of the you done and the number of referrals you have

Top 3 PTC Sites



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