Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 Ways to make money online

Hello I am income surfer and I earn money online. I just want to share with you guys some legit site to join and make an opportunity for you to earn your second income at home. These are all legit and trusted globally. Feel free to read my post, like it and share it if you wanted. Well then here it is the top 10 ways to earn money online:

1. Neobux

  • Dominating the ptc industry for over 6 years. Neobux is definitely the largest and most trusted paid to click site with million of member's paid and paid almost 80 million dollars on all of it's members. Get extra income today by viewing ads, doing minijobs and offers, getting referrals and winning ad prizes.

2. Clixsense

  • Aside from Neobux, clixsense is one of the best paid to click site with the lowest upgrade fee to its member for only 17$ per year. Be a part of clixsense and gain your second income online

3. Clickbank

  • Do you have skills on selling? Well Click bank is a great opportunity to get money online. Received 50%-75% commission each time you get a sale.

4. Blogging with John chow

  • Want to earn from blogging? Do you have what it takes to become a professional blogger. Learn from the most successful blogger of our generation today, John chow he has taken his monthly income from zero to over $40,000 a month using just the power of blogging.

5.Sponsored Tweets

  • Do you have a decent number of followers? What to earn from them? You are paid every time you tweet. The rate depends on the number of followers you have, the bigger the better. Note: your twitter account must be 60 days old with at least 50 followers and 100 tweets

6. Croudclowd

  • Earn money on doing microjobs such as keyword research, proofreading, etc. and gain credential on doing exam and doing successful jobs. Join now and become a cloudcrowd worker

7.Forum posting

  • Forum posting is one of the easiest way to earn online. You will get money every time you make a post. The rate depends on the quality of your post, the likes and comments. One of the great forum posting site site is Postloop, although they are strict in choosing their applicant. Rather you can try joining digitalmoneytalk, if you are having a hard time getting accepted to post loop

8. Google Adsense

  • If you have a good site that is getting a decent amount if traffic. Try putting google adsense on it. GA is one of the most trusted and largest Cpc( cost per click) network. Every time a people clicks on the advertisement posted on your site you'll get paid, the rate depends on the quality of traffic on your site. If you have a great site or blog you will definitely earn on this

9. CPA Networks (CPALEAD)

  • CPA stands for COST PER ACTION. CPA works by generating leads. In simpler terms, your work as an affiliate marketer is to direct people viewing your site, to other websites, so that they can have a look on what is on offer. You earn money if the visitors get to perform certain actions such as submitting email address, entering their ZIP code, signing up as a member among others. This therefore means that, even if the visitors do not purchase anything, you get to earn something by simply directing them. The rate depends on the on type of leads or the information that your visitor can give to the advertisers site it can $1 or up to $100 dollar per lead. Today CPA networks are strict on choosing their applicants. You must have a good site or provide them complete information on how you will manage to bring traffic to their advertisers.  One of my best pick cpa network is CPALEAD it’s easy to get accepted and has a lot of features

10. Points2Shop

  • Points2Shop is another great sites to make a profit online. You can earn points on downloading, viewing videos, doing surveys, etc. You can convert points to cash or you can use it to redeem a rewards such as amazon gift cards, gadgets, toys, t-shirts, video games and many more

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Make money on Twitter Followers

Sponsored Ads:

What Is Sponsored Tweets

A site where advertisers meet publishers. The only way to advertise here is by ‘tweets’ on Twitter. The advertisers create ‘opportunities’ which are sent to the tweeters. The offers depend on the advertisers. They might send out offers individually, or to a bunch of tweeters that meet the requirements

Who can join?
The minimum requirement is your tweeter account must have 100 tweets, 50 followers and at least 60 days old

How Is The Price Determined
The price is determined by the number of clicks on the tweet or the advertiser and user agreement on how much the tweet will cost. A tweeter can determine the price per cost into the account setting

SponsoredTweets referral badge

What To Tweet?
When advertisers send opportunities, they always include the tweet message and a link (which obviously has to be there). The tweeters can customize the message body, but it has to pass on the same message any how.

How To Get Paid?
Tweeters can be paid through paypal. There is no minimum balance required, but there will be a $2 deduction for every withdrawal.

Benefits of Upgrading your Account
Sponsoredtweets offer Tweeters to get a pro account by paying a small fee. You can get a FREE Pro account for 1 month and then pay $1.99 every month. The benefits are:

The fee ($2) for withdrawals cuts off at reaching $25 as a balance.

The profile gets a PRO badge, which advertisers can see.

Advertisers are more attracted because they know that the profile is active.

All this, therefore, brings in more opportunities.

Tips to earn on SponsoredTweets
1.Experience Counts

The older your tweeter account and having a good amount of followers the better.If someone has a high number of followers and just recently created an account it may be reason for suspicion. If your Twitter account is brand new, don’t apply.

2. Have a Complete Twitter Profile

Advertisers like to know who they’re advertising with. If your Twitter profile is incomplete and still running the default background, don’t expect many orders. You don’t have to get a custom Twitter background like what I used but you should make sure all your information is filled out. Make sure you upload your photo or custom avatar as well.

3. Show Some Tweet Click Stats

You can use Hootsuite to you tweeter account and take the advantage of its built in stat tracking feature,it can help you show the number of followers click on the link to send out hence its a great way to attract more advertisers

4.Turn On ClickWatch

ClickWatch is a program designed to provide a level of protection for advertisers who engage Tweeters in the Sponsored Tweets marketplace. Advertisers are lot more likely to order paid tweets from a Tweeter who has ClickWatch on rather than someone who has it off. You can tun on ClickWatch in your Sponsored Tweets control panel.

5.Sign Up for a Klout Account

The Klout Score is a numerical representation of the size and strength of your sphere of influence on Twitter. The size of your sphere of influence is calculated by measuring true reach (engaged followers and friends vs. spam bots, dead accounts, etc)

6. Build Real Influence

Advertisers are not dumb. They know how that game works. They’re looking for Tweeters with real influence. That means you actually have to work to build up your Twitter profile instead of letting a program do it. When you have real influence, you’ll have a lot of more offers, you’ll command a higher price per tweet and you’ll be able to do

7. Apply for a celebrity Status

Sponsored Tweets monitors new user. If they recognize your namethey will upgrade you to an Internet Celebrity.Having a bunch of followers on Twitter does not automatically make you a Web Celeb. Acceptance into the program requires influence, visibility and marketability.

SponsoredTweets referral badge