Sunday, January 26, 2014

Social Monkee : Build Backlinks to Your Site

What is SocialMonkee?
SocialMonkee is a link building service that allows you to easily create unique, dofollow backlinks to any page every day. Every time you submit a URL to SocialMonkee, the system submits it to a number of social bookmarking sites over a certain period of time. Each social bookmarking site has its own domain name and a unique C-Class IP address. Once the submission is fully completed, you get access to a link report (in the 'Reports' section inside the members area) so you can see the backlinks the system created for you.

Benefits of joining Social Monkee
Allows member to build 25 free backlinks per day
Helps your site/blog for faster indexing, higher ranking and more traffic
Only cost 7$ for a lifetime membership, but once you have joined you can upgrade your account and get access to even more features and benefits, including the ability to submit more URLs to more sites
Membership Types

How to Use SocialMonkee
To submit a URL to SocialMonkee, you can either use the online submission form located in the 'Submit URL' section inside the members area (Option 1), or use the SocialMonkee Plugin (Option 2), which is available on both Firefox and Chrome.
Option 1: Submitting a URL From The Members Area
To submit a URL from the members area, simply log into your account and go to the ‘Submit URL' section. Fill in the form with the required details...
Once done, click the 'Preview' button, and if everything looks fine click the 'Submit' button.
Option 2: Submitting a URL From The Plugin

To submit a URL to SocialMonkee from the Firefox or Chome Plugin, you must first download and install application. Here is how to install the Firefox version and Chrome version of the SocialMonkee Plugin...
* Firefox Plugin Installation (Quick & Easy Steps)
Step 1) Start Firefox, log into your SocialMonkee account, and click the 'Get Plugin' link in the navigation menu. Then click the Firefox Download button located on the right of the page
Step 2) Tick 'Open With', select 'Firefox' and click 'OK'
Step 3) A software installation message should appear... Click the 'Install Now' button.

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